2005 Market Study

In 2005 Open Doors Organization (ODO) again commissioned Harris Interactive to conduct a follow-up study of the travel patterns of American adults with disabilities. The 2005 ODO Market Study uses the same methodology and revisits many of the same topics in order to gauge market changes over the three-year period.

The 2005 study also reveals which destinations, domestic and international, are most popular among travelers with disabilities and provides new data on Internet use. Other new topics in 2005 included car rental and expenditures on taxis, mass transit and tours.

The 2005 ODO Market Study is presented in the form a 72-slide Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation. Following is a summary of the contents.

Table of Contents

  • Background
  • Objectives
  • Sample and Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Detailed Findings
  • Chapter 1: General Travel
  • Chapter 2: Profile of Travelers with Disabilities
  • Chapter 3: Airlines and Airports
  • Chapter 4: Car Rental
  • Chapter 5: Hotels
  • Chapter 6: Restaurants
  • Implications
  • Travel Expenditures Profile
  • Respondent Profile

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