As our name suggests, many of our earliest clients at Open Doors Organization (ODO) were restaurants and hotels. We continue to work closely with the Hospitality Industry, providing staff training and marketing advice as well as site inspections for ADA compliance. Our staff have audited hundreds of properties during the creation of our award-winning Easy Access guides. Many of these hotels and restaurants have subsequently become our clients, relying on our expertise as they plan and carry out renovations to improve accessibility.

Americans with disabilities make up a significant part of your customer base, as our research clearly shows. In the 2015 ODO Market Study, more than 50% of respondents ate out at least once a week. Unfortunately, 52% also reported that they encountered barriers in restaurants, most commonly lack of space between tables, steps, difficult entry doors and dining rooms that are too noisy.

In 2015, 53% of adults with disabilities (or 16.3 million people) had stayed in a hotel or motel over a two-year period, typically spending $100 per night. Approximately half (46%) reported barriers of some type most commonly rooms inconveniently located, doors hard to open and inaccessible shower facilities.

In many cases, we find that small physical changes can make a huge difference as can improvements in customer service. Feeling welcome and appreciated means a lot to people with disabilities who often find themselves treated as a problem rather than as a valued guest. Our expert staff, many of whom have disabilities themselves, can help you fine tune both your premises and your customer service skills.