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Your source for managing the required Department of Transportation forms for traveling with your service dog.

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What We Do


Under the new Department of Transportation law regarding service animals, airlines are allowed to require that you submit the Service Animal Air Transportation Form 48 hours before travel.


At no cost to you, you have the independence and control to maintain a valid form on file which will be used for every trip on participating airlines.

How it Works

  • Fill out the electronic Service Animal Air Transportation Form.​
  • Receive a unique identifier for the handler and service animal combination​
  • When you book a trip on a participating airline, submit the unique identifier through our system to receive authorization for travel​
  • Receive email confirmation of authorization to travel​
Form management

Click the Access Forms button to submit your form or request travel on a participating airline.

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Participating Airlines

Your forms will be stored for use on the following airlines.

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