2002 Market Study

Research among Adults with Disabilities: Travel and Hospitality, released in January 2002, is the first nationwide survey of travelers with disabilities conducted in the United States.  Recognizing the complete lack of reliable data on the disability travel market, Open Doors Organization (ODO) commissioned the well-known and respected market research firm Harris Interactive to conduct this pioneering study.

The 2002 ODO Market Study looks not only at how many adults with disabilities are traveling and how much they spend, but also how many still face barriers—physical and attitudinal—in air travel, hotels and restaurants.  These findings have been cited widely in the media and by disability organizations and corporations as well as by the US Departments of Justice and Transportation.  They remain highly relevant for businesses seeking to improve their facilities and services for this fast-growing market.

The 2002 ODO Market Study is presented in the form a 76-slide Microsoft Office PowerPoint presentation.  Following is a summary of the contents.

Table of Contents

  • Background
  • Objectives
  • Sample and Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Detailed Findings
  • Chapter 1:  General Travel
  • Chapter 2:  Profile of Travelers with Disabilities
  • Chapter 3:  Profile of a Typical Trip
  • Chapter 4:  Travel by Air
  • Chapter 5:  Hotels
  • Chapter 6:  Cruises
  • Chapter 7:  Restaurants
  • Implications
  • Respondent Profile
  • Traveler Profile

See Research Papers to read more about ODO Market Study findings.

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