Open Doors Organization (ODO) welcomes the opportunity to assist businesses in improving their disability-related facilities, products, services and marketing. The types of services we provide continue to expand as new needs come to our attention.

We consultant with hotels, restaurant, museums, theaters, airports, airlines, and cruise lines. ODO consulted on everything from regulations to disability etiquette and how to interact with people with disabilities we give a consulting from the perspective of the disability community. During our consulting process we make sure to involve individuals with disabilities within the community for their input on how we can make these goods and services more accessible for them.

We also offer consulting to companies needing help to create corporate plans or corporate mission statements on accessibility to their consumers and employees.

As a non-profit, we also strive to remain affordable for even the smallest clients. We will be happy to discuss your project and explore how ODO can best help you reach your goals.


Open Doors Organization has worked on the design/construction of various different airport terminals, domestic as well as international. We are knowledgable on the principle’s of universal design and use this thinking when consulting on projects. We consider ourselves experts on all parts of the ADA, ACAA, Federal Rail Guide, and ADAAG.

Here at Open Doors we go above and beyond all that we design.