General Awareness

The General Disability Awareness and Accessibility Training is a 3-hour classroom training that teaches airport personnel about appropriate language and customer service skills along with the unique assistance needs of travelers with various types of disabilities, including assistance techniques such as guiding travelers with vision loss and safe transport of those using airport wheelchairs. This course also helps familiarize trainees with accessibility features in their own airport during an airport walkthrough to visit amenities including service animal relief areas, emergency egress locations, accessible restrooms and family changing facilities, and other services and facilities that benefit the disability community.

This training is appropriate for any customer-facing airport employee including service providers, airport volunteers, TSA agents, customer service representatives, vendors and concessionaires, and anyone else who interacts directly with the traveling public.

Prior to conducting the training, ODO works with airports to customize the training to reflect the airport culture and the services, facilities, and programs available for travelers with disabilities.

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