Eric Lipp


Executive Director

Eric Lipp, Founder and Executive Director of the Open Doors Organization (ODO), after personally experiencing the restrictions that people with disabilities face in their everyday life. Right after Eric’s 30th Birthday he went into surgery to remove a tumor, which then led to unforeseen complications, since then he has been on a mission to make goods and services accessible in travel, tourism, and transportation. With his mission in mind, he has developed strong relationships within the disability community, both to encourage individuals with disabilities to participate in travel and to incorporate the viewpoints and needs of travelers with any disability type into ODO’s training and consulting services. 

He has implemented training across multiple transportation services that educated employees best practices when it comes to their customers with disabilities. He is a key resource for air carriers and service providers regarding the stowage and handling of wheelchairs and other assistive devices to ensure their mobility devices are transported safely and arrive without damage. As well as the assistance they receive throughout their journey adequately/reasonably meets their individual needs.

He has worked with over 70 airports globally, 65 carriers globally, dozens of hotels and destinations across the world.  He frequently speaks at travel, tourism and transportation events internationally.  He also co-authored the Easy Access Chicago Guide and the accessible landing page at I Love NY.  He was appointed to the U.S. Travel and Tourism Advisory board in 2022. It is because of these personal experiences that he has made an impact on the aviation industry and a difference for the disability community.