Dominican Republic

Over the past few years we have worked closely with the Dominican Republic regarding their state of accessibility within hotels, tourism, as well as the built environment.

The goals of this project is review the current state of accessibility in the Dominican Republic tourism industry and provide recommendations to make tourism more accessible for the future. Specifically we are looking to expand the number of shore excursions for people with disabilities, such as, zip-lining, waterside, snorkeling, and many others.

Another part of this project is working with the local community in order to increase awareness relating to disability in travel/tourism. ODO’s multi-faceted work in the DR includes both public and private initiatives to help this popular tourist destination become fully accessible and marketable to travelers with disabilities.

A more recent update on this project as of September 2023:

Katy O’Reilly, Program Manager, and Constantine “Gus” Zografopoulos, Z Life Program Director, recently spent a week in La Romana on DR’s Caribbean coast to gauge the current state of accessibility throughout that area. Accompanied by ODO’s partner, Travegali, they visited resorts, the airport, cruise port and downtown area, to observe the currently accessibility services available for individuals with disabilities.