Market Studies

Open Doors Organization (ODO) first came to national attention for its groundbreaking studies of travel and hospitality among American adults with disabilities. Until the first ODO study in 2002, there had never been a major, statistically reliable survey on the US disability travel market. A second study in 2005, using the same methodology and conducted again by Harris Interactive, confirmed the market size and travel patterns found in 2002. It also extended the research into new areas including overseas travel and how adults with disabilities research and book their trips.

In 2015, in conjunction with the 25th Anniversary of the ADA, Open Doors Organization released a third study, this time in partnership with Mandala Research. The actual online poll was conducted again by Harris Interactive, now known as Harris, A Nielsen Company.

Reports from all three market studies are available for purchase. These remain the only such studies focusing exclusively on long-distance travel and the barriers still facing Americans with disabilities in airports, airlines, hotels, restaurants and, new in 2015, cruise lines. The 2015 poll also investigates the use of mobile devices and apps as well as ride share services by American adults with disabilities.

In addition to its Market Studies, Open Doors Organization regularly conducts focus group research, both for its own knowledge base as well as for clients. ODO can also provide mystery shopping to help companies test their customer service for clients with disabilities.