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Findings from ACRP Report 210 Innovative Solutions to Facilitate Accessibility for Airport Travelers with Disabilities

ACRP Report 210 provides guidance and information to airports and their stakeholders on innovative solutions to facilitate accessibility for passengers with a variety of physical, sensory and/or cognitive challenges. This guidance is applicable to all types and sizes of airports and includes leveraging digital or physical innovation at passenger touch points and throughout the course of the journey.

ODO served as lead on this research project with contributions and support from Alliance, Arora Engineers, Trillion Aviation, and Indiana University.

Key Topics

  • The unmet needs of travelers with various disability types including physical, sensory and cognitive challenges, and non-English speakers
  • Barriers to equitable service
  • Best practice solutions for improving access with examples from U.S. and foreign airports
  • Key recommendations and implementation methods for continual improvement among stakeholders

Featured Research

  • ACRP Report 210Innovative Solutions to Facilitate Accessibility for Airport Travelers with Disabilities

Best Practices for Stowage and Handling of Assistive Devices

Key Topics

  • Federal laws and regulations
  • Types of manual and powered mobility aids/assistive devices
  • Identification and proper transport of battery-powered mobility aids 
  • Proper breakdown and reassembly 
  • Assessing pre-existing damage and equipment tagging
  • Safe lifting, handling, stowage and transport of wheelchairs and scooters


  • Eric Lipp, Executive Director, Open Doors Organization
  • Craig Kennedy, Program Coordinator, Open Doors Organization