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Universal Access in Airports

Universal Access in Airports (UAIA), provides a unique opportunity for dialogue among the various stakeholders in the aviation industry–airports, airlines, airline service companies and suppliers. This two-day conference, held biennially by Open Doors Organization since 2006, offers an open exchange of ideas and best practice solutions on customer service and accessibility for air travelers with disabilities and aging adults.

Universal Access in Airports 2018

UAIA 2018, held Aug. 27-29 at the InterContinental Hotel MSP, was the most international to date with representatives from Austria, Canada, France, the UK, Switzerland and Japan.

UAIA 2018 Agenda: docx pdf

Presentations–August 28, 2018
(In alphabetical order)
Phil Burke, MSP, Part 1
Phil Burke, MSP, Part 2
Roberto Castiglioni, Heathrow Access Advisory Board
Seena Foster, TSA
Maegan Johnson, DOT
Heather Karch, SEA
Jonathan Klein, FAA
Sara Marchant, LGW, Pres. 1
William Neece, Ozion
Leon Patterson, Maryland Aviation Administration
Linda Ristagno, IATA
Alan Howell, MSP and Jens Vange, Alliiance

Presentations–August 29, 2018
(In alphabetical order)
Frank Ciaccio, Houston Airport System
Konrad Gruber, Bulmor
Katie Hench, Infiniteach
Anila Jivanji, American Airlines
Ruben Kazantsev, Antikythera, Part 1
Ruben Kazantsev, Antikythera, Part 2
Jason Luebke, AvTech
Sara Marchant, LGW, Pres. 2
Cathy Nyfors, YVR
Rasha Said, Sensible Innovations (Coming Soon)
Sonny Smith, Air Care Travelers (Coming Soon)
Greg Stilson, Aira
Satoshi Sugie, WHILL Inc.

Please contact Katy O’Reilly for presentations in an accessible format.

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Universal Access in Airports 2016

The 2016 UAIA, held at SFO on Nov. 14-16, set new records both for attendance and quality of the presentations and discussion.

UAIA 2016 Final Agenda

Photos on Facebook

Presentations–November 15, 2016
(In alphabetical order)
Michael Bliwas, Global Repair Group
Phil Burke, MSP, Part 1
Phil Burke, MSP, Part 2
Jorge Garcia, Data Services Accessibility, SFO
Jorge Garcia, SARA Design, SFO
Jorge Garcia, Wheelchair Management, SFO
Jonathan Klein, FAA
Elisha Luyeho, FAA
Matt Mosher, Prime Flight
Wendi Orlando, CVG

Presentations–November 16, 2016
(In alphabetical order)
Lynn Gordon, Arconas, Part 1
Lynn Gordon, Arconas, Part 2
Gloria Louie, SFO
Jens Rothausen-Vange, Alliiance
Jason Shevrin, Arora
George Spohn, SiteCues
Jeff Ulrich, United Airlines
Steve Wareham, Trillion Aviation

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ODO Airline Symposium 2018

Monday, August 27, Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport, MN
Open Doors Organization now holds its Airline Symposium biennially in conjunction with Universal Access in Airports. This invitation only, closed-door session allows air carriers—national, regional and international—to discuss problems and share best practices regarding services and facilities for air travelers with disabilities.

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